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Current Multnomah students, faculty, staff may borrow physical library resources at no charge using a current Multnomah ID card. 在校学生可免费互借, faculty, 及联络图书馆的职员(Bushnell University, Corban University, Mt. Angel Abbey, Western Seminary,participating Atla institutions with a current MU ID.

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Multnomah University respects the rights of creators of original works of authorship 和 expects administration, faculty, students, staff to comply with U.S. 保护这些作品的著作权法. In keeping with copyright’s purpose 和 our mission to prepare Christian leaders f或者是 church, community, the world, copyrighted materials are 法律fully distributed at Multnomah University in order to support learning 和 advance knowledge creation.
If you are a faculty member or student with questions about how to use copyrighted material in scholarship or teaching, please consult the 摩特诺玛大学版权指南 或者是 版权和合理使用指南.

Questions or complaints regarding Multnomah University’s use of copyrighted materials may be sent to copyright@kcsupplylv.com.

The library accepts donations for our collection that meet specific criteria. For details, please consult our Gift Book Policy.

逾期物品的罚款如下:$0.定期流通的物品每天每件25美元, $1 per video per day, 预备材料每小时一美元. 请到图书馆前台用现金、支票或信用卡付款. 遗失或不可挽回损坏的图书馆资源, library patrons are responsible f或者是 replacement cost plus a $15 processing fee. Failure to pay fines 和 fees may result in the loss of borrowing privileges

A copy machine/printer is located on the main floor of the library. 打印/副本的价格根据纸张大小和颜色而有所不同. 黑色的 & 白色. Free scanning is also available. Please check at the front desk of the library for 更多的 information.

Library materials can be renewed as long as the item is not overdue, does not have a hold on it, 或者没有达到续期上限. 所有使用者均可登入图书馆帐户续订 在这里. 如需续借馆际互借,请通过以下方式申请续借 library@kcsupplylv.com or (503) 251-5322.

Most required text书 are available on the reserve shelf at the library’s main desk. Please request by title. Check out time is two hours with one possible renewal, unless another patron requests the item. 除非另有说明,保留资料可离开图书馆. Overnight check out is allowed 30 minutes before the library closes.

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电子邮件: library@kcsupplylv.com

Mitchell Library is located at 8435 NE Glisan St. Portl和, OR 97220. 轮椅可以通过西侧入口进入图书馆.

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Research Databases

浏览这里的特定数据库,您需要为您的研究. 必须登录摩特诺玛大学. To discover this digital content 和 the Library’s physical collection in one platform, please use the search box above. Questions? Send our research librarian an 电子邮件!


The American Antiquarian Society’s complete collection documenting American life from the colonial era through the Civil War 和 Reconstruction (1684 to 1912).

Academic OneFile (Gale)

Scholarly, 跨学科的全文文章, 在生物学方面有广泛的报道, chemistry, criminal justice, economics, environmental science, history, marketing, political science, psychology.

Academic 搜索 Premier

Full-text, peer-reviewed journal articles across academic disciplines.


Journal articles, monographs, 论文, 专利, software, audiovisual materials, technical reports from the U.S. 农业部国家农业图书馆.



Alt HealthWatch

涵盖互补性的全文文章, holistic, 医疗保健和健康的综合方法.

APA PsycArticles

Access 231,500, peer-reviewed journal articles covering the social 和 behavioral sciences, 由美国心理协会出版, 加拿大心理学会, other publishers.

APA PsycInfo

发现期刊文章的引文和摘要, book chapters, 以及行为科学和心理健康方面的论文.


结合期刊文章的首要索引, book reviews, collections of essays in all fields of religion with Atla’s full-text collection major religion 和 theology journals.

Business Source Premier

全文文章2篇以上,所有商业领域的300种期刊, including marketing, management, 管理信息系统, 砰的一声, accounting, finance, economics.

Computer Source


Ebook Collection (EBSCOhost)


EBSCOhost (all collections)

Scholarly, full-text, popular articles, book reviews, 论文收录于多个数据库,涵盖所有学科.


来自72种期刊的全文,物理文章. 点击“浏览期刊”查看报道.


教育文献与期刊文章研究, research reports, curriculum 和 teaching guides, conference papers, dissertations 和 论文, 书 dating back to 1966.

Fuente Académica

Scholarly, 拉丁美洲的全文期刊, Portugal, Spain, covering agriculture, biological sciences, economics, history, 法律, literature, philosophy, psychology, public administration, religion, sociology.

恐慌 & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia


Gale eBooks

Full-text access to encyclopedias 和 specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research.

Health Source – Consumer Edition

Covers the medical sciences, food sciences 和 nutrition, childcare, sports medicine, 和一般健康在80全文, consumer health magazines.


Scholarly full-text journals focusing on nursing, allied health, other medical disciplines.

Legal Collection


Literary Reference Center

Full-text plot summaries, 文学批评的文章, author biographies, literary journals, book reviews, 古典和当代诗歌和短篇小说, author interviews, classic novels.

MasterFile Premier

搜索 virtually every subject area of general interest in periodicals, reference 书, primary source documents, image collection.


搜索有关护理的权威生物医学期刊, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, pre-clinical sciences, 更多的.


It offers articles pertaining to all branches of the military 和 government.

MLA International Bibliography

语言学术研究的权威资源, literature, linguistics, rhetoric 和 composition, folklore, film, spanning journal articles, 书, articles in 书, 系列, translations, scholarly editions, websites, dissertations.


Find high-quality content in religious studies 和 related disciplines from publisher websites, institutional repositories, scholarly societies, archives, 以及稳定的公共领域收藏.


Continuously updated viewpoints, topic overviews, full-text magazines, academic journals, 新闻, primary source documents, statistics, 图片, 视频, audio, links to reliable websites.

ProQuest Ebook Central


Science Magazine

Find peer-reviewed, 原创的科学研究文章和报告, 世界领先的科学研究新闻, general scientific journal.

Theological Commons

获取神学和宗教方面的开放资源, including 书, journals, audio recordings, photographs, manuscripts, 以及其他可追溯到公元975年的格式.E. to the present.

Theological E-书

Access a shared collection of e-书 in biblical, pastoral, theological studies. MU login required.

U.S. 历史 in Context (Gale)

涵盖美国最重要的人物、事件和话题.S. 历史, this resource combines reference content with full-text magazines, academic journals, 新闻 articles, primary source documents, 图片, 视频, 音频文件和链接到可靠的网站.

Research Help

无论你在研究过程中的哪个阶段,都是刚刚开始, locating sources, navigating specific platforms, or citing sources—our Research Librarian 我很乐意帮助你,或者你可以探索我们的 online guides.

Interlibrary Loan

Current University students, faculty, staff can place requests for any article or book chapter discoverable through MU 搜索 通过点击所需源代码下的“访问选项”按钮. For whole book requests or anything discovered outside our main search, please send a full citation to library@kcsupplylv.com. Please allow 1-4 days for article delivery 和 7-10 days for physical 书.

远程学生注意事项:此时, book interlibrary loan is only available to Portl和-area students, faculty, staff. If you live outside Portl和 和 need 书, please ask about our distance borrowing options at library@kcsupplylv.com.